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 Welcome to our Psychedelic page...  We carry a variety of hemp and hemp jewelry.    We carry all lengths...  Necklaces, bracelets, anklets, custome sizing, etc.   It is hard to show them all.  If you have requests, please e-mail them.  We make everything and enjoy custom orders.   Our hemp colors as of now...  are...  sky blue, black, red, forest green, purple, orange, sun yellow and coming soon... marroon.      We carry  a wonderful variety of charms that can be put on any of our jewelry.  We carry more charms than what are listed on our charm page, so please ask for your preferences.  I will be adding items as soon as possible.  we also have a confederate bead hemp necklace that I will be putting up soon.

TO order, please e-mail me with your selection, and I will invoice you thru paypal.




#BMD1 - $15.00 

This is a very nice adjustable (approx. up to 18") hemp necklace.  Made with natural hemp, black hemp, milifiori glass beads and a solid pewter dragon charm.   This item can be made with any of our choice colors of hemp and any charm we carry.

gcmg.jpg (18143 bytes)

#GCMG - $15

This is a nice adjustable (approx. up to 18") hemp.  Made with natural hemp, green hemp, ceramic beads, and a enameled mushroom charm.  This item can be made with blue, red, yellow, black, purple, and orange hemp, as well as matching ceramic beads and mushrooms in the colors of...  purple, red, black, teal, yellow  or choose from our charm page or an assorted fimo clay mushroom charm.