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Mossy Oak Pool Stick


Please remember to select your Camo Pattern.  If no choice is made, Mossy Oak New Breakup will be sent.  Your quantity can be changed after you add to cart.  

You may add the 6 inch feathers to any of the purses (at the bottom of the page).  The feathers will only be on one side, unless you order 2 Add feathers.  (EXCEPT the Carla..  it comes with one side of feathers.)

   You may also order embroidery     (2 1/2 -3 inch letters and approx. 1inch tall by 5 inches wide max. on names) at the bottom of the page.  If you add both feathers & embroidery, the small carla, emily & the gretta will have  2 inch fuzzy feathers instead of the large ones on the picture.  They are not tall enough for the 6 inch feathers and the 3 inch letters.

Please look at this page for a nice selection of feathers..  FEATHER PAGE


Remember....  the Carla comes with 1 side of feathers.

CARLAS.jpg (22692 bytes) carla with feathers

     Carla                 Small Carla                Emily                 Gretta                   Carla with embroidery



Purse - Carla  (with your choice of feathers) $30

Feathers are on one side, unless you add feathers.

Please choose your pattern for your Carla Purse with feather
Please list your feather color here.



Purse - Small Carla  $18

Please choose your pattern for the Small Carla Purse

  Please click here to order the Small Carla



Purse - Emily  $13

Please choose your pattern for the Emily Purse

  Please click here to order the Emily Purse



Purse - Gretta  $12
Embroidery on this purse will be between 2 - 2 1/2 inches tall.

Please choose your pattern for the Gretta Purse

  Please click here to order the Gretta Purse



Add Feathers  $4

to the Small Carla, Emily or the Gretta, Or add feathers to the other side of the Carla.

You may choose any feather colors from the feather page.


Please choose color of feathers
list other color of feathers

Please click here to add feathers to the above purses   if adding for both size, please change the quantity when you view cart contents.

Add Embroidery for $8
Please go to our  Embroidery Page to pick your designs.

Please be sure to list the color and letter or name in the boxes below and click on the buy it now. If you are buying multiple items, please let me know which embroidery goes on which item.  There will be a box you can add additional information on.  


List BOTH your embroidery Color and the Initial (or Name) you want on your purse...
Please choose your Lettering Script. If there is no choice, we will choose for you.